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Freezing weather is harsh on concrete items.  By using these high quality Poly Statue Coverings, you can prevent your items from becoming damaged due to cold weather.  These Statuary covers are 100% Waterproof made out of top quality Polyester fabric UV Stabilized against the sun.  Drawstrings allow for the cover to be tightened around the base of the statue to secure the cover during windy conditions, brass eyelets and a heavy-duty tie and cord lock will also prevent the cover from blowing away.  Easy to clean surface allows you to simply wipe the cover down to clean it off.  These covers offer full winter protection for your statuary when used properly.  

We offer several sizes to accommodate your items.  If you have an item that needs a cover that we do not have listed, or simply would like help figuring out exactly which cover would fit your item best, please contact us and we will assist you in finding the perfect cover for your item.  


Bird Bath Covers

                      Bird Bath Covers 
  • #C820 – Bird Bath Cover for 18″ – 21″ Bowl  –  $18.95
  • #C821 – Bird Bath Cover for 22″ – 30″ Bowl  –  $22.95


Fountain Covers

   Cement Fountain Cover


  • #C800 Small Fountain Cover 50″ tall x 36″ diameter  –  $30.00
  • #C805 Medium Fountain Cover 61″ tall x 48″ diameter  –  $45.00
  • #C810 Large Fountain Cover 68″ tall x 56″ diameter  –  $52.00
  • #C830 XL Fountain Cover 80″ tall x 80″ diameter  –  $80.00


Patio Table Set Covers

                Patio Table Set Cover
  • #C520TG Patio Table Cover 74″ diameter x 33″ tall  –  $85.00

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