The Cement Barn cast many Statues that are cast out of Quality Concrete.  We take pride in the quality of products that we manufacture and we guarantee delivery of a quality item.  These statues are designed to withstand the outdoor elements year round with proper care and also make great interior home décor items.  As shown below we manufacture a good variety of concrete statuary.

We offer several different finishes for our statuary as well as the natural cement look.  Applying a finish to the statuary really brings out all the detail to the item.  As with anything, there are advantages as well as disadvantages with finishing concrete items.  On our Color Chart page you will see all the color possibilities we offer as well as information on finishing the statuary.

All of the statues are available to be shipped to your door in a timely manner, you will find more information on our shipping policy on the Shipping Our Statuary page.  If you are searching for a particular item that is not listed in our catalog or have any questions please feel free to Contact Us!

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