Parking Lot Bumpers

Parking Lot Bumpers

Our Parking Lot Bumpers are top quality bumpers.  These bumpers are large enough to serve the purpose.  Other Parking Lot Bumpers on the market are not as wide and not as tall.  These Parking Lot Bumpers are 6′ Long x 8″ High x 12″ Wide and weigh approximately 150-200 lbs.  They are cast out of Quality Concrete Materials and are reinforced with Rebar within the cement.  There is a 1″ hole on each end of the bumper to secure the bumper to the parking lot.  We recommend driving a 5/8″ Diameter piece of rebar 12″ – 14″ Long thru the security holes into the pavement to secure it from moving if a vehicle was to drive into it.  This will not stop the parking vehicle but will definitely help the bumper and the vehicle from moving forward.

The Cement Barn is a Supplier for several Paving Companies.  If you are interested in using The Cement Barn’s Parking Lot Bumpers for your Paving Business please see our Wholesale Requirements and we will be glad to get you and your business set-up so we can supply you with quality Parking Lot Bumpers.  If you are a business owner and would like to stock your parking lot with quality pavers, we also will be glad to work with you.  Please Contact Us with any questions you may have.

This item can be shipped.  Please see our Shipping Our Statuary for details about shipment of this item.

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