Concrete Planters

Concrete Planters

The Cement Barn cast many styles of Concrete Planters that are made to last!  These Concrete Planters will not blow over like other outdoor planters on the market today.  Our Planters are cast out of quality concrete materials and are designed to withstand the outdoor elements year round with proper care.  You can learn more about protecting your planters under General Maintenance.  As shown in our catalog, you will see we offer a wide range of Concrete Planters that range from small to large.

All of our Planters have a drain hole for the removal of excess water.  When planting some of the larger Planters, we recommend placing approximately 4″ of small pea gravel in the bottom of the planter before placing the soil.  This helps create a better drainage system, which prevents the soil from clogging the drain hole at the bottom of the planter.  Some Planters work better for draining water using the Planter Feet which are shown in the photo below.  These are optional.

Some of our Concrete Planters are able to be shipped via UPS, the larger Planters will have to be shipped via Motor Freight.  Details about shipping can be found in our Shipping our Statuary page.  Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have.

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Grecian Planters

These Grecian Planters are very popular and a few styles come in several sizes.  These are popular among Towns, Municipal Buildings, and also around the home.



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Also shown in the photo below you will see the Planter Feet.  This item is used to place under the planter.  Used as a set of 3 or 4, whichever you prefer.  The planter feet are designed to raise the planter off of the ground approximately 1 inch to assist in the drainage of the excess water.  These are Optional

Planter Feet
ITEM # PLFT 101 – Planter Feet – Natural: $3.50 each – Painted: $5.50 each


Grecian Swag Planters

These Swag Planters are very popular among municipal buildings, in front of local businesses, and downtown areas.  These Planters have a very large planting area and work great when planting larger trees or shrubs.

These Grecian Swag Planters comes in 4 sizes as listed below.  Each size looks the same but is larger. 

ITEM # PLSW 101 – 19″ Diameter Medium Swag Planter – Natural: $95.00 – Painted: $125.00

ITEM # PLSW 102 – 23″ Diameter Large Swag Planter – Natural: $140.00 – Painted: $180.00

ITEM # PLSW 103 – 31″ Diameter XX Large Swag Planter – Natural: $195.00 – Painted: $245.00

ITEM # PLSW 104 – 35″ Diameter XXX Large Swag Planter – Natural: $295.00 – Painted: $345.00

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