Fire Pits

Fire Pits

Everyone enjoys hanging around a backyard fire.  Fire Pits are a great way to bring family and friends together.  The kids will love roasting marsh mellows over the fire at your patio! 

The Cement Barn is proud to offer 2 styles of Outdoor Patio Fire Pits.  Both Fire Pits are the same size but look totally different.  The Stone Design Fire Pit is cast out of solid cement and has a stone texture.   This item has 12 sectional interlocking pieces which fit together to create the Fire Pit shown below.  Assembly on this item is very simple and only takes a matter of minutes.  Once in place, this fire pit will be there season after season ready to keep you warm.  

The Cement Barn’s Brick Fire Pit is available in two different sizes, a 36″ diameter or a 43″ diameter.  This particular Fire Pit is constructed of a Cement Slab, Brick outside walls, Soldier Brick along the top, and Fire Brick along the inside walls.  The Fire Pit has an opening along the bottom so the fire can breath and also to drain rain water.  This Fire Pit is designed to withstand the heat and provide you with outdoor enjoyment for many, many years!

Either of these Fire Pits will make a great grill!  Build the fire and get a good bed of coals and get the food ready!  Lay a metal diamond grid grilling screen across the top and grill your favorite meal on top of your Fire Pit!  Whether it is Marsh Mellows, Hotdogs and Hamburgers, Steaks or Pork Chops, Chicken, or even a stew…  This Fire Pit will be a fun way for you, your kids, family and friends to enjoy this fall and winter.  

These items can be shipped and will have to ship on a pallet via motor freight.  Shipping varies from location to location, so please Contact Us to receive information on shipping this durable Fire Pit to your doorstep!  See our Shipping Information page to learn more about shipping.





Fire Pits
                                34″ Inside Diameter – 46″ Outside Diameter – Stackable Layers      

2 – Row with Top Cap – $325.00
3 – Row with Top Cap – $375.00
4 – Row with Top Cap – $425.00


              Brick Fire Pit  – Available in 2 sizes  36″ Diameter & 43″ Diameter



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