Troubleshooting Your Fountain

Troubleshooting Concrete Fountains 


What to check if your Fountain stops running.

Fountain is assembled and pump is plugged in, but the fountain isn’t running.
Check the following…

  1. Is the electricity active?
  2. Is the tubing kinked or is the restrictor clap to tight and not letting the water flow thru tubing?
  3. Is the pump intake stopped up with debris, such as a leave, algea, straw, any foreign matter that may be in the water?
  4. On the pump behind the screen filter, there is a wheel that pumps the water.  Take the screen/filter off and make sure no debris is clogging the motor wheel.
  5. Plug and unplug the motor several times to clear any such air that may have the motor to a halt.
  6. Make sure there is enough water in the fountain bowl to the point the pump is submerged.

Fountain water is dirty and cloudy.

  1. Add one or two capfuls of The Cement Barn’s Water Clarifier into the water.
  2. Rinse the fountain and replace the water supply as often as needed to keep clear water.

Fountain finish is beginning to fade with age.

  1. Apply a light coat of The Cement Barn’s Concrete Sealer to restore the luster.
  2. Refinish the piece with The Cement Barn’s Refinishing Kit.


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