Our Wholesale Policy

Concrete Statuary & Lawn Ornaments

Retail and Wholesale Distributor

The Cement Barn Front Lot


Here at The Cement Barn we strive to produce a quality piece of concrete and maintain an affordable price, and we offer Wholesale in addition to walk-in customers.  In addition to our concrete products we also offer  Bougainvillea’s, Ferns, Tropical Plants, full line of vegetable plants, and nursery stock for wholesale as well.  These plants are not listed in our catalog so please ask us about our greenhouse and nursery plants for wholesale.

We stock pile our 4 acre lot of concrete items to offer at wholesale discount prices.  In order to qualify for wholesale pricing we require a copy of a Business License, Tax ID number, and our items must be displayed to be resold.  The first initial wholesale order must meet the minimum purchase 0requirement of $3,000.00 on the first order only.  That way our new stocking dealer will have a variety and assortment of items to offer and be repeatedly sold .  After the first order you are free to purchase whatever amount you need to restock your business.  We deliver with our trucks within 150 mile radius of our business, and any destination that is outside of that 150 mile radius will be shipped on a pallet via R&L Freight Carriers.  You are also welcome to drive down and pick up the items yourself as well as walk around our lot and hand pick the item you would like to purchase.Just another small portion of The Cement Barn

We package our wholesale orders on pallets, packed with burlap bags, cardboard, or other packing material and then wrapped with stretch film to ensure a safe delivery.  Shipping rates via The Cement Barn’s personal trucks are based on a per mile rate.  Orders outside of our 150 mile radius will be transported via R&L Carriers.  These rates are based on the weight and the number of pallets packaged for that particular order, so we will have to calculate the weight of the order, and request a shipping quote for you.

A wholesale CD catalog is available for $5.00, which will have wholesale pricing and pictures.  If you prefer a hardcopy they are also available for $25.00.  You will receive a credit upon your first order for reimbursement of the catalog.

Please Contact Us to inquire about becoming a Wholesale Stocking Dealer of The Cement Barn’s Concrete Statuary.


We look forward to working with you!