Available Finishes and Concrete Sealer


Applying a Finish to Concrete Statuary gives the item character and in some cases brings the item to life or gives it a finished look.  We offer several finish options that we can apply to any of our statuary. Once the item has been finished we seal all of our items with a Concrete Sealer to help protect the finish.  You may apply our concrete sealer to your finished item at least once a year to help bring back the luster of the finish and help prolong the finish.  We offer our Concrete Sealer by the Pint and by the Quart to help protect your new and older Concrete Statuary.  Once the order has been placed for an item to be finished, we require 2 weeks processing time which gives the item time to totally cure out before the item is ready to ship to you.

Our painted items are finished with an Acrylic Enamel Paint and then sealed.  This process is a two part process and really brings out the detail with the contrast of the two colors.  We offer several color options in the Acrylic Enamel Finish.  

The Acid Stain colors are a unique finish and makes the piece a work of art!  No two pieces in the acid stain finish will turn out exactly the same but will be uniform in color.  This is what makes this finish so special!  Whether you would like one solid caramel brown color or if you would like to mix in a green patina to give it a special two tone aged look the options with the stain are endless!  Please let me know what look you are going for and we will strive to achieve the desired look you are needing!

If you have a particular color you need an item finished in but do not see it listed in our color chart, no worries! Simply send an email with the color you need and we can match it up for you!  We at The Cement Barn are always trying and adding new colors to our inventory and will be adding to this list of color options. 

If you would like to finish the piece yourself, we have instructions on how to properly finish your statuary!

Please feel free to reach out and contact us with any questions you may have concerning having an item finished you would like to purchase or about having an item you currently have refinished!  We are here to help you get your landscape just the way you want it! 


Cold weather can be harsh on Ornamental Concrete over time.  Protect your Statuary with our Concrete Sealer.  Apply this sealer once or twice each year simply by misting the sealer onto the item with a spray bottle.  Apply two to three coats of sealer letting each coat dry completely before applying the next.  Item will ship via USPS. 


32oz Concrete Sealer – $39.95