Concrete Gutter Splash Blocks for your home that will last!

Concrete Gutter Splash Block

Gutter Splash Blocks

Gutter Splash Blocks are a must for homes or buildings with a Gutter System.  These Cement Gutter Splash Blocks are designed to be placed under a gutter downspout to direct the flow of water being transferred from the gutter to the ground.  Without these Gutter Splash Blocks the water being released from the downspout will erode the ground where the downspout discharges the water creating a rut in your yard.  Also the discharged water could eventually damage the grass if not killing the grass all together.  These Cement Gutter Splash Blocks with totally prevent this from happening!

 These Gutter Splash Blocks are cast out of solid Concrete and will not disintegrate as some of the other materials on the market.  The Cement Barn’s Concrete Splash Blocks are heavy enough to prevent them from being moved either by heavy rain, bumped by a lawn mower, or any other random act that could cause them to be moved.  Once placed where they need to go, you can count of these Splash Blocks to do the job!  We guarantee that these blocks will outlast any other Gutter Splash Block on the market.

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