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The Cement Barn is a Century Step Authorized Dealer providing a full line of durable, long-lasting, Concrete Steps.  Whatever size step you need for your home, building, or any other need for steps, these Concrete Steps are the way to go.  Cement Steps will last for decades where a set of wooden steps will have to be replaced over time, these steps will be there.  Cast out of quality concrete materials, these steps are also reinforced with Fiber and Metal within the cement for added durability.  Aluminum Rails for every step are also available.  These rails have the mounting hardware and are easily installed.  Every step and rail offered will pass inspection code which makes these steps perfect for any home!Century Group Precast Concrete Steps

The application and markets for these steps are limited only by the imagination of the customers, architect, or engineer. Century steps are purchased for use at mobile homes, homes on piers, tool sheds, storerooms, decks, barns, above ground swimming pools, embankments, fences and many other applications. Century steps are also sold to construction, industrial and military customers for use at temporary construction offices, mobile tool trailers, warehouses, loading docks, platforms, access to below grade structures, barracks, temporary housing, etc…

The Century concrete step riser height and tread depth meet residential building codes to insure maximum safety and convenience to all user groups. To enhance the Century step, ready-to-install aluminum handrails are available for every style of step. The handrails are one piece, all welded construction allowing them to be installed by one person in minutes. These attractive and safe handrails meet most building codes, military and insurance company specifications. Being durable, simple to install, economical and versatile makes the Century step and its accessories a very attractive addition to your product line and will enhance your profitability in the future.


Century Precast Concrete Step at Home Outdoor Deck Sitting Area

The Century step is portable, manufactured of high strength, lightweight, steel reinforced concrete for durability and convenient installation. The one-piece construction of the Century step requires no assembling, no form-work, no labor for installation. Once the Century concrete step is installed maintenance is nonexistent for decades. Century steps are ideal in tropical and sub-tropical zones. Fungi, insects, heat, humidity, excessive precipitation or decay will not affect their permanence, performance or safety. Century steps are manufactured using special concrete admixtures which make them very durable in areas that have frequent freeze/thaw cycles. Do not use salts or deicers on steps. Use a penetrating sealer for protection once a year.




Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about these products.  If you do not see a set of steps you need for your home please let us know as we are able to provide you with any step you need.

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