Helpful Winter Tips for Your Concrete Statuary and Fountains!

7' Italian Fountain

Winter Tips for Concrete Statuary and Fountains

Extreme changes in temperature affect all types of concrete.  Concrete has a tendency to expand and contract with climatic conditions.  That’s the reason for expansion joints in cement driveways.    All of our products have been manufactured with weather in mind.  Our concrete mix contains water, sand, rock, cement, small fibers, & reinforced rebar.  Occasionally, normal, unharmful surface shrinkage cracks may sometimes appear but that is normal with cement, however;  our statuary will not crack if these simple rules are followed:

  1. Do not allow water to collect and freeze in any type of fountain bowl or fountain shell!
  2. Do not allow water to collect and freeze in planters, saucers, birdbaths, or any other concrete casting that may hold water!
  3. Do not allow statuary or pedestals to sit in a pool of ice or out in the snow!

Concrete Statuary products that are left exposed to icing conditions may crack or deteriorate due to the mechanical force of water solidifying and expanding along the concrete surface.

Important:  If your statuary can not be stored indoors during the cold winter season, you must at least protect it from ice and snow collection!

“How-to Protect” your concrete statuary from The Cement Barn during the winter season.

  1. For Fountains, first remove the statue and the pump, store them inside a building if possible.
  2. Fill the bowls with an underlayment such as burlap bags, blanket, old bed sheets, some type of absorbent material.
  3. Cover the entire fountain with a Fountain Cover.  If you do not have a fountain cover you can purchase one thru The Cement Barn.
    -If the fountain cover still isn’t an option, you can disassemble the fountain turning the bowls on their side or upside down.  Covering the fountain is the best option that way ice and snow will not be able to accumulate on the bowls.
Birdbaths – Planters – Statuary
  1. Set the pieces on high ground where a pool of ice will not form
  2. Cover them with a Fountain Cover from The Cement Barn


By following these simple, sensible, but yet important precautions during the winter season, you will protect your Statuary for many years of beauty and enjoyment!


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